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Translation of masturbate in Spanish

to masturbate     masturbar    
to masturbate     masturbarse    

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Sample sentences:
Teenagers usually masturbate when they begin to have sexual impulses.

Los adolescentes suelen masturbarse cuando empiezan a tener impulsos sexuales.

We felt a little dumb and waited for the hot water. The boiler seemed not to work and we started to become upset. We asked the technician to come once again and he admitted his mistake.
We kept asking people how long the walk was and it seemed to stay half an hour even though we past half of it. On the way up, a group of children were playing traditional music for the tourists.
Anyway, our stay in Puerto Varas was nothing special, as the weather was terrible. We continued to Bariloche the same day. It was a 6 hour long bus ride passing the Andes mountains. The views were amazing.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of masturbar
masturbo  masturbas  masturba  masturbamos  masturbáis  masturban  masturbaba  masturbabas  masturbaba  masturbábamos  masturbabais  masturbaban  masturbé  masturbaste  masturbó  masturbamos  masturbasteis  masturbaron  masturbaré  masturbarás  masturbará  masturbaremos  masturbaréis  masturbarán 
Conjugation of masturbarse
[me masturbado]
me masturbo  te masturbas  se masturba  nos masturbamos  os masturbáis  se masturban  me masturbaba  te masturbabas  se masturbaba  nos masturbábamos  os masturbabais  se masturbaban  me masturbé  te masturbaste  se masturbó  nos masturbamos  os masturbasteis  se masturbaron  me masturbaré  te masturbarás  se masturbará  nos masturbaremos  os masturbaréis  se masturbarán