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Translation of means in Spanish

the means     el medio    

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Sample sentences:
This barge is the only means to go across the river.

Esta barcaza es el único medio para cruzar el río.
He may be an eccentric but he means well. Podrá ser excéntríco pero tiene buenas intenciones.
This new job means a great opportunity for you. Este nuevo trabajo significa una gran oportunidad para ti.
by means of; by means of a través de; por medio de
by means of por medio de
by means of a fuerza de

When we landed in Ho Chi Minh city I immediately perceived that the building, houses and structures in the airport had a Russian or a communist influence: large, concrete, grey buildings all over.
We kept asking people how long the walk was and it seemed to stay half an hour even though we past half of it. On the way up, a group of children were playing traditional music for the tourists.
I did not feel well that night and we decided to stay in our room. My wife brought me fresh take away salad. We were exhausted from our day and watching a movie was the right thing to do.
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