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Translation of merchandise in Spanish

to merchandise     comercializar    
the merchandise     la mercancía    

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Sample sentences:
I will ask for a refund of the money I paid for this merchandise.

Voy a pedir la devolución del dinero que pagué por esta mercancía.
We have to pack all this merchandise to send it abroad. Tenemos que embalar toda esta mercadería para enviarla al extranjero.
Since prices had gone up, they had to put new stickers with prices on the merchandise. Dado que los precios habían subido, tuvieron que poner nuevas etiquetas adhesivas con los precios de la mercancía.

Thank you for correcting my German, I always get confused with the words that put the verb at the end. Like the zu and the ab and the an... All new to me. I truly wish to continue our friendship.
It might be that after all the view and the atmosphere could had been spectacular if we were the only one on this temple and experiencing a great sunset on this huge structure. But is was not.
As my wife is a travel agent, and knows that in certain cases people do not show up, we decided to take a taxi to the airport nonetheless. It was actually not far from the border, about 5 kilometers away.
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Conjugation of merchandise   [ merchandised, merchandised ]