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Translation of migrate in Spanish

to migrate     emigrar    ; migrar    

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If it is not possible to memorize vocabulary, I will have to create my own lessons in the coming weeks. I would be happy about this information. You need to develop a feeling for the language.
I have always met nice people so far, and I have never had a strange friends request. So far I only had problems with my grammar in various foreign languages that I am trying to acquire.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of emigrar
emigro  emigras  emigra  emigramos  emigráis  emigran  emigraba  emigrabas  emigraba  emigrábamos  emigrabais  emigraban  emigré  emigraste  emigró  emigramos  emigrasteis  emigraron  emigraré  emigrarás  emigrará  emigraremos  emigraréis  emigrarán