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Translation of mold in Spanish

to mold     moldear    
the mold     el moho    

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Sample sentences:
There is mold on this wall and I don't know how to clean it.

En esta pared hay moho y no sé cómo limpiarlo.
The walls have mold because of the humidity of the place. Las paredes tienen moho debido a la humedad del lugar.

There were a lot of souvenir shops inside the palace which spoiled the atmosphere a little bit. Monkeys were also sitting around and begging for food. We took some close-up images of them.
It might be that after all the view and the atmosphere could had been spectacular if we were the only one on this temple and experiencing a great sunset on this huge structure. But is was not.
Spain seems do be doing much better since the 1970. It is completely democratic now. At work I have a lot of meetings with International companies and therefore I want to know many languages.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of mold   [ molded, molded ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of moldear
moldeo  moldeas  moldea  moldeamos  moldeáis  moldean  moldeaba  moldeabas  moldeaba  moldeábamos  moldeabais  moldeaban  moldeé  moldeaste  moldeó  moldeamos  moldeasteis  moldearon  moldearé  moldearás  moldeará  moldearemos  moldearéis  moldearán