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Translation of moment in Spanish

the moment      el momento     
the moment     el instante    ; el momento    

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Sample sentences:
This child is a fiend; he isn't quiet even for a moment.

Este niño es un demonio, no se queda tranquilo ni un momento.
The fire was terrible and the flames were growing every moment. El incendio era terrible y las llamas crecían a cada momento.
He was so weighed down by his problems that for a moment he considered suicide as a solution. Estaba tan agobiado por sus problemas que por un momento pensó en el suicidio como solución.
at this moment en este momento
Just a moment Un momento

Sorry, I don't know but I have asked some friends for help. Hope they will answer soon! Where did you find this sentence? He's originally from Scotland, so I hope you can understand his accent.
His name was Samy and he offered to take us to several places. In the beginning we were bothered as he did not stop talking on the way from the airport to the hotel and we thought he tried to sell something.
I think I have to switch back to English. It will take me two years until I write an entire letter in German and I suppose I do not have the time for it. Does that mean that I am not serious about learning?
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