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Translation of moor in Spanish

to moor     amarrar    
the moor     el moro    ; el pantano    

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Sample sentences:
He moored his yacht to the pier.

Amarró su yate en el muelle.

It is a beautiful neighborhood with with lots of boutique restaurants and shops. We invited our friends from the Netherlands to join us for dinner and they agreed. We found the restaurant in the Time Out magazine.
There were too many of these children and they were determined to sell us a can of Coca Cola. All means were legitimate, even shaking our boat, so that we would be scared of falling into the water.
My daughter is 12 years old and my son is 6. They are both in school. It is so beautiful to see them grow up, but time passes too fast. I wish you also a lot of happiness. Best wishes form Austria.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of moor   [ moored, moored ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of amarrar
amarro  amarras  amarra  amarramos  amarráis  amarran  amarraba  amarrabas  amarraba  amarrábamos  amarrabais  amarraban  amarré  amarraste  amarró  amarramos  amarrasteis  amarraron  amarraré  amarrarás  amarrará  amarraremos  amarraréis  amarrarán