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more     more or less más     más o menos

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Sample sentences:
Bearers of these shares will pay more taxes next year.

Los titulares de estas acciones van a pagar más impuestos el año próximo.
He seems more carefree since his retirement. Parece más despreocupada desde su retiro.
He is such a dreamy person, he should be more realistic. Él es un soñador, debería ser más realista.
A little more? ¿Un poco más?
more fabulous más fabulosos
even more aún más
more/else más

I'm very interested in learning languages. I'm learning English,German and french as well as Japanese. My native language is Spanish. Yes is very nice living here. What do you think about the Mexican people?
I have studied at the faculty of Engineering. Just tell me about your difficulties and I'll try to help you. I would really like to help you with learning English. Kind regards and speak to you soon.
Thank you for your message. I am learning Spanish only for private purposes. Many of our neighbors do not speak English. If I'll go on vacation, I'll probably choose Spain or Latin America.
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