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Translation of most in Spanish

most     más    ; sumamente    

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Sample sentences:
Most celestial bodies are too far to be seen from the Earth.

La mayoría de los cuerpos celestes están muy lejos para ser vistos desde la Tierra.
The Nile Delta is the most famous delta. El Delta del Nilo es el delta más famoso.
They bought the most beautiful house imaginable. Compraron la casa más hermosa imaginable.
the most common lo mas comun
most famous más famoso
Most of la mayoría de
most la mayoría(1)

When we got there we saw that the line was incredibly long and that we did not want to wait. Our friends from Holland were standing in the line, but we thought that we just try and ask the doorman.
There were too many of these children and they were determined to sell us a can of Coca Cola. All means were legitimate, even shaking our boat, so that we would be scared of falling into the water.
Yes, I know that because I have visited there. I speak German and I am working on my Spanish. Where are you from originally? Are you going to a some language school and what is the best way to learn for you?
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