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Translation of motorbike in Spanish

the motorbike      la motocicleta     

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Sample sentences:
He has bought a very large Japanese motorbike.

Él compró una motocicleta japonesa de gran tamaño.
the motorbike la moto

When we got there we saw that the line was incredibly long and that we did not want to wait. Our friends from Holland were standing in the line, but we thought that we just try and ask the doorman.
Next week I will go with my girlfriend to our local market. There is a nice party there, similar to the "Oktoberfest" in Munich. There you can have party and we want to drink some beer and dance on the tables.
We checked in at the Hotel de Paris, a small hotel owned by a friendly, old lady. Our rooms were OK, but we asked to be transferred to the newer part of the hotel. The stomach ache of my wife did not disappear.
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