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Translation of mutter in Spanish

to mutter     murmurar    

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to mutter balbucear

There is a little problem: I can't go to Malaga to attend my course because it is fully booked, I have to go to Barca instead, which means I can't even go to there cause it is too far and the plane lands in the afternoon.
We stayed in this place for quite a while as it was the most spectacular place we have visited so far. It was unbelievable how much thought was put into construction of these magnificent sites.
The hill was not close to the village and we did not have a lot of water with us, so that we were happy when a Brazilian couple took us closer in their rented Jeep. We walked a little further.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of mutter   [ muttered, muttered ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of murmurar
murmuro  murmuras  murmura  murmuramos  murmuráis  murmuran  murmuraba  murmurabas  murmuraba  murmurábamos  murmurabais  murmuraban  murmuré  murmuraste  murmuró  murmuramos  murmurasteis  murmuraron  murmuraré  murmurarás  murmurará  murmuraremos  murmuraréis  murmurarán