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Neither in Spanish

neither     He did not see him and neither did I. tampoco     El no lo vio y yo tampoco.

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Sample sentences:
-I don't like dancing. -Neither do I.

-No me gusta bailar. -A mí tampoco.

I started to speak Spanish because i had i boyfriend from Mexico. Especially I've never learned Spanish . I only listened and repeated what he spoke. Now i speak Spanish well but i need to learn grammar rules.
i am student in Zurich. i think that you can learn Spanish quickly. I also registered just a month ago in order to practice some Spanish. i hope i will improve my Spanish soon at this website. We can do it together?
Thank you for your message. I am learning Spanish only for private purposes. Many of our neighbors do not speak English. If I'll go on vacation, I'll probably choose Spain or Latin America.
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