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Translation of object in Spanish

to object     objetar    
the object      el objeto     
the object     el complemento    ; el objeto    

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Sample sentences:
Nouns can function as subjects or as objects in a sentence.

Los sustantivos pueden funcionar como sujetos u objetos en una oración.
Substantives can be subjects or objects of a sentence. Los sustantivos pueden ser sujetos u objetos de una oración.
He is learning ceramics because he loves to make objects with clay. Está aprendiendo cerámica, porque le encanta hacer objetos con arcilla.
To have (an object) Yo tengo

I was never there but I heard that the night life is very exiting. I am going to Amsterdam next year with my uncle. He will return to his house where he was born. I think to come to germany next year but I don have any idea
In the end we decided to try something new, and although we are not great "fans" of South East Asia, we agreed on going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and if there would be enough time Hong Kong.
Thank you for your message. I am learning Spanish only for private purposes. Many of our neighbors do not speak English. If I'll go on vacation, I'll probably choose Spain or Latin America.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of object   [ objected, objected ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of objetar
objeto  objetas  objeta  objetamos  objetáis  objetan  objetaba  objetabas  objetaba  objetábamos  objetabais  objetaban  objeté  objetaste  objetó  objetamos  objetasteis  objetaron  objetaré  objetarás  objetará  objetaremos  objetaréis  objetarán