Spanish Dictionary

Translation of onward in Spanish

onward     adelante    

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Sample sentences:
From now onward you have to think only of your studies.

De ahora en adelante tienes que pensar sólo en tus estudios.
He urged the horse onward. Arreó el caballo para que avanzara.

I usually charge 15 dollars per hour, but I don't care very much for the hourly system. I can also help with corrections and suggestions, but only if the original text is a serious translation and not an automatic one.
Now I'm drinking a beer with a colleague. We will shoot a film about the bar scene and the situation of young people here in Ibiza. There are also other aspects to live here, besides tourism.
I think you learn best through writing, talking and reading. Since I'm currently busy at my work and since I have no time for courses, I have no improvement plans for my Spanish studies.
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