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Translation of ordinary in Spanish

ordinary     común    ; ordinario    ; regular    

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Sample sentences:
The little mermaid wanted to have legs as any ordinary girl.

La sirenita quería tener piernas como cualquier niña normal.
Alchemists tried to turn ordinary metals into gold. Los alquimistas trataban de convertir en oro los metales comunes.

However I must say that if one is not very interested in archaeology or in architecture a two days visit would be enough. Unfortunately we had only one more day in this beautiful country.
The jet lag could be felt. We entered the floating village. People were actually living in boat houses and most of them seemed very poor. Their main income source was fishing and tourism.
Although it was a beautiful region and a very lovely town it reminded me to much of home and I decided that I wanted to move on. We called Aerolinias Argentinas very early to book a flight for the same day.
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Conjugation of regular
regulo  regulas  regula  regulamos  reguláis  regulan  regulaba  regulabas  regulaba  regulábamos  regulabais  regulaban  regulé  regulaste  reguló  regulamos  regulasteis  regularon  regularé  regularás  regulará  regularemos  regularéis  regularán