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Translation of our in Spanish

our     nuestra    
our     nuestro    

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Sample sentences:
The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain where our intelligence resides.

La corteza cerebral es la parte del cerebro donde reside nuestra inteligencia.
His actions endanger our organization. Sus acciones ponen en peligro nuestra organización.
Mr. Smith is our foremost executive. El Sr. Smith es nuestro principal ejecutivo.
in our data en nuestros archivos
It's our duty Es nuestra deber
our nuestro

I started to speak Spanish because i had i boyfriend from Mexico. Especially I've never learned Spanish . I only listened and repeated what he spoke. Now i speak Spanish well but i need to learn grammar rules.
Considering that the lake was full of crocodiles we gave in to their demand and bought a can of Coca Cola. It cost us two dollars, and considering Cambodia's wholesale price they got plenty of markup.
We had decided to fly to Lima (instead of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and to visit Machu Picchu just a few weeks before leaving Europe.
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