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Translation of overlook in Spanish

to overlook     pasar por alto; Examinar una cosa; controlar    ; custodiar    

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Sample sentences:
Let's revise all the evidence. Maybe we have overlooked something that might be important.

Vamos a revisar toda la evidencia, tal vez pasamos por alto algo que podría ser importante.

I bought the ticket very quickly and ran to the gate. A stewardess was waiting for me and waved. She shouted that I should hurry up. I ran as fast as I could and entered the gate leading to the plane.
If I look at dictionaries they do not give long sentences, only specific words and their meaning when they are used in a compounded form, which by the way can mean something totally different than when used by themselves.
It was a short but nice letter from you. I hope that you had a great vacation. I realize that I should practice at least half an hour a day. Vocabulix helps to learn Spanish vocabulary.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of controlar
controlo  controlas  controla  controlamos  controláis  controlan  controlaba  controlabas  controlaba  controlábamos  controlabais  controlaban  controlé  controlaste  controló  controlamos  controlasteis  controlaron  controlaré  controlarás  controlará  controlaremos  controlaréis  controlarán 
Conjugation of custodiar
custodio  custodias  custodia  custodiamos  custodiáis  custodian  custodiaba  custodiabas  custodiaba  custodiábamos  custodiabais  custodiaban  custodié  custodiaste  custodió  custodiamos  custodiasteis  custodiaron  custodiaré  custodiarás  custodiará  custodiaremos  custodiaréis  custodiarán