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Translation of patrol in Spanish

to patrol     patrullar    ; rondar    

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Sample sentences:
The police are patrolling the city.

La policía está patrullando la ciudad.

He was asking the doormen to let us and our friends from Holland in, and so they did. In addition, the guy we met was paying our entrance or got us a free entrance. We do not know and probably never will.
We stayed in this place for quite a while as it was the most spectacular place we have visited so far. It was unbelievable how much thought was put into construction of these magnificent sites.
From there we flew on a day flight to Lima, Peru. We landed around 6 pm, it was already dark. From the airport we took a cab to our hotel (Hotel Carmel) in Miraflores, a beautiful, modern neighborhood.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of patrol   [ patrolled, patrolled ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of patrullar
patrullo  patrullas  patrulla  patrullamos  patrulláis  patrullan  patrullaba  patrullabas  patrullaba  patrullábamos  patrullabais  patrullaban  patrullé  patrullaste  patrulló  patrullamos  patrullasteis  patrullaron  patrullaré  patrullarás  patrullará  patrullaremos  patrullaréis  patrullarán 
Conjugation of rondar
rondo  rondas  ronda  rondamos  rondáis  rondan  rondaba  rondabas  rondaba  rondábamos  rondabais  rondaban  rondé  rondaste  rondó  rondamos  rondasteis  rondaron  rondaré  rondarás  rondará  rondaremos  rondaréis  rondarán