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Translation of permit in Spanish

to permit     permitir    

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Sample sentences:
This telescope permits us to observe very far away heavenly bodies.

Este telescopio permite observar cuerpos celestes muy lejanos.
Taking the carts away from the supermarket is not permitted. No está permitido llevarse los carritos del supermercado.
permit (allow); leave behind dejar

There were a lot of souvenir shops inside the palace which spoiled the atmosphere a little bit. Monkeys were also sitting around and begging for food. We took some close-up images of them.
We stayed in this place for quite a while as it was the most spectacular place we have visited so far. It was unbelievable how much thought was put into construction of these magnificent sites.
In Guatemala this is one of our biggest problems at the moment: young and pore people take drugs and drink alcohol because they are depressed and bored. The capital has become very dangerous.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of permit   [ permitted, permitted ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of permitir
permito  permites  permite  permitimos  permitís  permiten  permitía  permitías  permitía  permitíamos  permitíais  permitían  permití  permitiste  permitió  permitimos  permitisteis  permitieron  permitiré  permitirás  permitirá  permitiremos  permitiréis  permitirán