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Translation of plane in Spanish

the plane      el avión     
the plane     el avión    ; el plano    

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Sample sentences:
Argentinian planes fly into Uruguayan airspace everyday.

Los aviones argentinos vuelan en el espacio aéreo uruguayo todos los días.
The plane landed smoothly on the airstrip. El avión aterrizó suavemente en la pista de aterrizaje.
Travelling by plane makes me feel queasy. Viajar en avión me hace sentir mareada.
a plane un avión(1)
plane el avión

When we got there we saw that the line was incredibly long and that we did not want to wait. Our friends from Holland were standing in the line, but we thought that we just try and ask the doorman.
The trip was coming to an end. We were driving to the airport knowing that we had to fly 12-hour to Spain, than a break in Spain for of around 6 hours and than the rest 4 hours, a total of 22 hours.
We exchanged numbers and they offered that we should contact them once we'd arrive to the capital. After dinner we bought some chocolate in one of the many stores, but it was not tasty, compared to Swiss chocolate.
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