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Translation of polio in Spanish

the polio     la polio    

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Sample sentences:
Polio is a very serious disease that is preventable through vaccination.

La polio es una enfermedad muy grave que se puede prevenir mediante la vacunación.

Regarding the meeting in early May: I could not reschedule the appointment at my daughter's doctor and I will definitely know if I can come during the first 2 weeks. I guess we should talk next week.
I think that working with you in this case would be just by Skype because it will be 8-20 sentences per month and always spontaneously like today's message which was 'Another five days until the weekend...'
If you want to write again in Spanish, just do it. I have much to do at the moment, again and again... Sometimes it happens that I must work at night until the early hours of the morning.
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