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Translation of previous in Spanish

previous     anterior    
previous     previo    

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Sample sentences:
She has outdone her own previous work with this book.

Ella ha superado su propia obra anterior con este libro.
He made a rehash with parts of his previous articles on the subject. Hizo un refrito con partes de sus artículos anteriores sobre el tema.
previous residence residencia anterior

Our main destination was not Cambodia and we had actually decided in the last minute to add this country to our trip. We were very happy about our decision and enjoyed every moment here.
Yes I do live in the United States of America. Thanks for contacting me! I am okay with my Spanish, but when creating sentences I'm terrible at using the right form of the la, el, un y una.
And we could not see a thing outside the bus. The bus stopped two hours later at 11pm at our final destination, San Pedro. We took our backpacks and left the bus. The bus drove away into the dark night.
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