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Translation of priority in Spanish

the priority     la prioridad    

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Sample sentences:
Her family is her priority and comes before everything else.

Su familia es su prioridad, y está antes que todo lo demás.
His priority was to become a doctor, and everything else was secondary to him. Su prioridad era ser médico, y todo lo demás era secundario para él.

I had just said that if you wanted we could meet up on the last weekend in October, I have to be in Malaga the following week... Your English is very good! Would be nice to hear something from you!
So was the food. We ate French fries and a steak. We found that bizarre. After dinner we bought some books about the area and about South East Asia in general. They we second hand books.
There was an extra seat available (the last one apparently). We were so glad. 45 minutes later we sat in the place, eighty percent of the plane was empty. They really need to update their system.
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