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Translation of puncture in Spanish

to puncture     pinchar    

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Sample sentences:
Could you lend me your hose? I want to water my garden and mine has a puncture.

¿Me podrías prestar tu manguera? Quiero regar el jardín y la mía tiene un pinchazo.
Cars usually have a spare wheel in case of a puncture. Los automóviles suelen tener una rueda de repuesto para el caso de pinchadura.

With no hot water, we had to switch rooms once more. Before moving I decided to check the next room (it was already the third) from all points of view: noise, hot water, no smell and maybe some windows.
I would like to chat with you regularly, but it looks like you are not online at the moment. I heard about the political turmoil in your country, and I hope that it is not going to affect you.
We hardly remembered that our day began at 7.30am 500 kilometers further north. It was now already 6pm and we were eager to board the plane in order to reduce the distance to our destination.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of puncture   [ punctured, punctured ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of pinchar
pincho  pinchas  pincha  pinchamos  pincháis  pinchan  pinchaba  pinchabas  pinchaba  pinchábamos  pinchabais  pinchaban  pinché  pinchaste  pinchó  pinchamos  pinchasteis  pincharon  pincharé  pincharás  pinchará  pincharemos  pincharéis  pincharán