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Translation of puppet in Spanish

the puppet     el títere    
the puppet     la marioneta    

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Sample sentences:
I took my niece to a puppet theater last week.

Llevé a mi sobrina a un teatro de marionetas la semana pasada.

At noon we drove back to the tiny airport near the city and a few moments later we were already in the skies. The flight to Saigon, today's name Ho Chi Minh city, lasted more or less one hour.
So was the food. We ate French fries and a steak. We found that bizarre. After dinner we bought some books about the area and about South East Asia in general. They we second hand books.
Unfortunately, I have never been to the United States, but I was in Mexico last year, that is close. Zurich is a very nice city, the people are friendly and the lake is very beautiful.
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