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Translation of radio in Spanish

the radio      la radio     

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Sample sentences:
The radio is too loud, I will turn it down.

La radio está demasiado fuerte, la voy a bajar.
He listens to the radio with earphones. Escucha la radio con audífonos.
transistor radio(1) el radiotransistor

I would also like to talk to you via VOIP. I have installed Messanger on one of our laptops. I was wondering if you received my last email that I sent last weekend or so. It contained a few images of our home, state and family.
A flew hours later we landed in Siem Reap. The land around us was amazingly green and the weather was very humid. We were still in shock while driving into the city center with our driver.
Many thanks for your letter. I am delighted to tell you that I have passed my exams and am looking forward to the next year. Meanwhile I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and some places around there.
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