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Translation of rapprochement in Spanish

the rapprochement     el acercamiento    

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Sample sentences:
The rapprochement between the parties was only achieved after arduous negotiations.

El acercamiento entre las partes sólo se logró luego de arduas negociaciones.

On the drive into the city center we were a little shocked by the amount of motorcycles, by the pollution and stress in that city. After only two days in a small village we forgot how it was.
I would like to chat with you regularly, but it looks like you are not online at the moment. I heard about the political turmoil in your country, and I hope that it is not going to affect you.
At midnight, after taking a quick shower we went to a local bar to eat a steak. The food and the wine were excellent. We were really happy that after the long journey we made it to this place.
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