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Translation of recap in Spanish

to recap     resumir    

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Sample sentences:
To recap, he was the murderer.

Para resumir, él era el asesino.

So you have taken a German course in the Ghoete Institute. Well, I certainly learned something with you, and your German is already a lot better than last time. I think we really did it.
If I look at dictionaries they do not give long sentences, only specific words and their meaning when they are used in a compounded form, which by the way can mean something totally different than when used by themselves.
I know that you are studying. Do you like it, what do you do in your spare time? Are you doing a lot of sports? Do you have many hobbies? Are you watching movies and if so which ones? Please answer in English!
Do you know the meaning of? refract    remarry    residency    revolutionary    rooftop    sad    savings bank    selfish   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of resumir
resumo  resumes  resume  resumimos  resumís  resumen  resumía  resumías  resumía  resumíamos  resumíais  resumían  resumí  resumiste  resumió  resumimos  resumisteis  resumieron  resumiré  resumirás  resumirá  resumiremos  resumiréis  resumirán