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Translation of recipe in Spanish

the recipe     la receta    

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Sample sentences:
Give me your recipe to make meatloaf, please.

Por favor, dame tu receta para hacer pan de carne.
The most famous quiche recipes are French. Las más famosas recetas de quiche son francesas.
She glued newspaper snips with recipes in her scrapbook. Ella pegaba recortes de periódicos con recetas en su álbum de recortes.

On the drive into the city center we were a little shocked by the amount of motorcycles, by the pollution and stress in that city. After only two days in a small village we forgot how it was.
Nevertheless, I agreed to go there and check it out. It looked much better than the one that we booked in advance and we decided to stay there for two nights. It had a great pool and we were welcomed with drinks.
The drive to these lagoons was not easy. The jeep did not have air conditioning, so that in the sun it would get extremely hot and in the shade extremely cold. The jeeps were around 15 years old.
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