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Translation of regular in Spanish

regular     normal    ; regular    

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Sample sentences:
He drinks herbal tea only because regular tea prevents him from sleeping.

Toma solo té de hierbas porque el té común le impide dormir.
Do you want a regular packet or a jumbo packet? ¿Quieres un paquete regular o un paquete jumbo?
I always take decaffeinated coffee because the regular coffee prevents me from sleeping. Siempre tomo café descafeinado porque el café normal me impide dormir.

You can stay at my place as much as you like, and it does not cause me any trouble. I love guests. Cool, I guess, and sorry I didn't get back to you in time due to tight schedule. Hope to hear from you soon, best regards from NYC in the US.
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This moment by itself made the flight and its delay worth. Although we regarded Arequipa as a hub on the way to Chile, it turned out to be a very charming city.
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Conjugation of regular
regulo  regulas  regula  regulamos  reguláis  regulan  regulaba  regulabas  regulaba  regulábamos  regulabais  regulaban  regulé  regulaste  reguló  regulamos  regulasteis  regularon  regularé  regularás  regulará  regularemos  regularéis  regularán