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Translation of ruth in Spanish

the ruth     la compasión    

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Sample sentences:
Jane feels great animosity towards Ruth.

Jane siente gran animosidad contra Ruth.
She helped him out of ruth. Lo ayudó por compasión.
Ruth and Lily played checkers and Ruth won the game. Ruth y Lily jugaban a las damas y Ruth ganó el juego.

I hope you you had a successful week in Dortmund. Because of the bad weather at the last moment I could not get on my flight to Dusseldorf and I have stayed home. I was afraid to fly.
The words will mostly be easy. I would prefer full sentences and not just short clauses with the article, the noun and an adverb/adjective. Do you think you could do 1000 sentences per working day? This way we could finish quickly.
I love the sea, the sun, everything is much more relaxed. I have learned a bit of Spanish because I liked the country and its people. Sometimes I talk too much. Now I should finish this email.
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