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Translation of safeguard in Spanish

to safeguard     salvaguardar    

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Sample sentences:
She is only trying to safeguard her child's rights.

Ella sólo está tratando de salvaguardar los derechos de su hijo.

Once in the VIP room, overlooking the entire club (around 2000 people were inside), watching all the dancers on the stage and enjoying the loud music my wife felt even worse, but it wasn't the wine.
It must have taken them years and ten's of thousands of workers to accomplish the tasks of constructing such spectacular compounds. We took many pictures and walked back to the taxi.
I wanted to share the itinerary of our short backpacking trip in South America. My wife and I are both working, so that we did not have months to travel. Our trip started in Madrid, on September 30.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of salvaguardar
salvaguardo  salvaguardas  salvaguarda  salvaguardamos  salvaguardáis  salvaguardan  salvaguardaba  salvaguardabas  salvaguardaba  salvaguardábamos  salvaguardabais  salvaguardaban  salvaguardé  salvaguardaste  salvaguardó  salvaguardamos  salvaguardasteis  salvaguardaron  salvaguardaré  salvaguardarás  salvaguardará  salvaguardaremos  salvaguardaréis  salvaguardarán