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to say     decir    

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Sample sentences:
The captain said that there were 1.200 passengers aboard.

El capitán dijo que había 1,200 pasajeros a bordo.
Roy apologised to her for what he had said before. Roy se disculpó con ella por lo que había dicho antes.
The doctors said that his tumor was benign. Los médicos dijeron que su tumor era benigno.
say a word; make a joke; complain chistar; hacer un chiste
say thanks; say thank you; thank agradecer
to say goodbye despedirse
to say hello decirse hola
they say that dicen que
I will say diré
say said said decir
to say, tell decir
to say no negar

Our main destination was not Cambodia and we had actually decided in the last minute to add this country to our trip. We were very happy about our decision and enjoyed every moment here.
It must have taken them years and ten's of thousands of workers to accomplish the tasks of constructing such spectacular compounds. We took many pictures and walked back to the taxi.
I actually wrote you earlier, but everything got erased when I accidentally closed my browser window. Anyway, you want to know about the Germany. I can send you some information and send you some links.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of say   [ said, said ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of decir
digo  dices  dice  decimos  decís  dicen  decía  decías  decía  decíamos  decíais  decían  dije  dijiste  dijo  dijimos  dijisteis  dijeron  diré  dirás  dirá  diremos  diréis  dirán