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Translation of scared in Spanish

scared     asustado    

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Sample sentences:
The police woman was not scared of the felon's threats.

La mujer policía no tenía miedo a las amenazas del delincuente.
He does not like to travel by airplane, because he is scared of flying. No le gusta viajar en aeroplano, le da miedo volar.
to be scared; be frightened asustarse
I'm scared tengo miedo
scared miedo

The utopia from Germany is not very different from the Utopia of other countries. People want to be rich, free and happy. What is special in Switzerland is that people do not care about other nations.
Entire communities are blamed for a crime committed by one of its members. Wrong ideas could quickly be spread to other villages and there could be acts of revenge resulting in further mistrust.
Puerto Madryn was a boring city, but it was the hub to see the Peninsula Valdes, a nature reserve listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. We did not know what to expect but new that we would see Pinguins
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