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Translation of seal in Spanish

to seal     lacrar    
the seal     la foca    

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Sample sentences:
We need a gasket to seal this junction.

Necesitamos una junta para sellar esta unión.
I won't say anything; my mouth is sealed. No voy a decir nada, mi boca está sellada.
The witnesses signed Robert's will and the notary sealed it. Los testigos firmaron el testamento de Robert y el notario lo lacró.

We drove to the hotel Rex where we made reservations in advance. However, once there, two American guys told us that they had a voucher from a travel agent and the price was like half of it.
It was so packed and it looked like a heap of ants climbing the temple. I would estimate that there were about a thousand people simultaneously climbing the temple which was not very big.
We left town and drove around the lake. Around 30 minutes after leaving we had a flat tire, which I changed immediately. That was very annoying as the rental company asked us to fix the flat tire.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of seal   [ sealed, sealed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of lacrar
lacro  lacras  lacra  lacramos  lacráis  lacran  lacraba  lacrabas  lacraba  lacrábamos  lacrabais  lacraban  lacré  lacraste  lacró  lacramos  lacrasteis  lacraron  lacraré  lacrarás  lacrará  lacraremos  lacraréis  lacrarán