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Translation of see in Spanish

to see     ver    
the see     la sede    

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Sample sentences:
He lifted the bonnet to see what was wrong with the car.

Levantó el capó para ver qué estaba mal en el auto.
Most celestial bodies are too far to be seen from the Earth. La mayoría de los cuerpos celestes están muy lejos para ser vistos desde la Tierra.
Have you seen his show? He is a great entertainer. Has visto su espectáculo? Es un gran artista.
See you tomorrow Nos vemos mañana; Te veo mañana
See you soon Nos vemos pronto; Hasta pronto
See you later. Hasta la vista.; Hasta luego.
See you tomorrow. Hasta mañana.
you will see ya verás
See you soon. Hasta pronto.
to see oneself verse
to see look at ver
see you nos vemos

I'm very interested in learning languages. I'm learning English,German and french as well as Japanese. My native language is Spanish. Yes is very nice living here. What do you think about the Mexican people?
We headed back to the hotel with a rickshaw, as usual in this part of the world they drove like crazy but it was hilarious. We went to sleep immediately and did not wake up the entire night.
At noon we continued to the Altiplano to visit some lakes and volcanoes. At 4000 meter above see level it became suddenly extremely cold and our heads started to spin. Altitude sickness?
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of see   [ saw, seen ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of ver
veo  ves  ve  vemos  veis  ven  veía  veías  veía  veíamos  veíais  veían  vi  viste  vio  vimos  visteis  vieron  veré  verás  verá  veremos  veréis  verán