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Translation of seek in Spanish

to seek     buscar    

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Sample sentences:
He seeks redemption for his past sins by helping the poor.

Él busca la redención de sus antiguos pecados ayudando a los pobres.
Judges should always seek justice for everybody without distinction. Los jueces deben siempre buscar la justicia para todos sin distinción.
to seek asylum buscar asilo

On the drive into the city center we were a little shocked by the amount of motorcycles, by the pollution and stress in that city. After only two days in a small village we forgot how it was.
It must have taken them years and ten's of thousands of workers to accomplish the tasks of constructing such spectacular compounds. We took many pictures and walked back to the taxi.
I gotta tell you, that I am not really good at it. I've just passed the first lesson and I had more than 35 mistakes, out of 25 words, funny isn't it. What languages do you speak? Write me soon please.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of seek   [ sought, sought ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of buscar
busco  buscas  busca  buscamos  buscáis  buscan  buscaba  buscabas  buscaba  buscábamos  buscabais  buscaban  busqué  buscaste  buscó  buscamos  buscasteis  buscaron  buscaré  buscarás  buscará  buscaremos  buscaréis  buscarán