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Translation of slave in Spanish

the slave     el esclavo    

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Sample sentences:
The American slaves were of African origin.

Los esclavos estadounidenses eran de origen africano.
The man whipped the slave because he had tried to escape. El hombre azotó al esclavo porque había tratado de escapar.
After being freed, the former slave tried to ransom his family from slavery. Después de ser liberados, el ex esclavo trató de redimir a su familia de la esclavitud.
slave el esclavo

So we first went to look for other hotels in the area, some where horrible even though they were rated as three star hotels. In the end we bought the three day voucher at the travel agent's office.
how are you? Where do you live in Austria? I hope your Spanish is good enough that you understand my sentences! If you can't understand it i will write this in English. I live in Munich, btw.
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