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Translation of smear in Spanish

to smear     untar    

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to bribe; to smear; to anoint untar

We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
I'm from Switzerland and I speak German as mother-language. I will try to help you to learn German! We speak French, Italian and German in our country. I heard that in the US Spanish is becoming more popular.
The next morning, we got up at 5, had breakfast and headed back to the same airport where we landed a few hours earlier. The 1 hour flight was packed with lots of tourists of all ages, mainly Americans.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of untar
unto  untas  unta  untamos  untáis  untan  untaba  untabas  untaba  untábamos  untabais  untaban  unté  untaste  untó  untamos  untasteis  untaron  untaré  untarás  untará  untaremos  untaréis  untarán