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Translation of soap in Spanish

the soap     el jabón    

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Sample sentences:
This soap does not produce enough foam.

Este jabón no produce suficiente espuma.
I use a sponge and soap to bathe the baby. Utilizar una esponja y jabón para bañar al bebé.
She washed the dog with a special soap against fleas. Ella lavó al perro con un jabón especial contra las pulgas.
the soap opera el culebrón
to soap; to lather enjabonar
to soap, lather enjabonar
soap dish la jabonera
soap el jabón

So we first went to look for other hotels in the area, some where horrible even though they were rated as three star hotels. In the end we bought the three day voucher at the travel agent's office.
We arrived at the hotel which we booked in advance but decided not to stay there. Instead the driver convinced us to stay at the Borei Angkor Hotel. We were sure that he would get a sales commission.
We first took a regular bus to the border, which was basically just an empty building. There we switched to Jeeps, as the terrain was rocky. In our group there were 4 American girls and us.
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