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Translation of soprano in Spanish

the soprano     el soprano    ; la soprano    ; el tiple    

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Sample sentences:
The soprano sang a beautiful aria by Puccini.

La soprano cantó una hermosa aria de Puccini.

I will usually use the most usual sense of the term, and not the more sophisticated ones and I think you will understand what I wanted to say. In any case we should review all words every two days or so.
The words will mostly be easy. I would prefer full sentences and not just short clauses with the article, the noun and an adverb/adjective. Do you think you could do 1000 sentences per working day? This way we could finish quickly.
That's a great deal. I know that in the beginning it is difficult to have conversations, especially if you're not stable with vocabulary. Actually, your English does not seem so bad. Have you ever taken a course?
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