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Speak in Spanish

to speak     The woman speaks a lot. hablar     La mujer habla mucho.
to speak     decir    ; hablar    

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Sample sentences:
He spoke in earnest when he told you that he wanted to buy your car.

Cuando te dijo que quería comprar tu coche lo dijo con seriedad.
Speak louder, I can't hear you. Habla más fuerte, no te oigo.
He is a lunatic, and he doesn't speak coherently. Es un lunático, no habla en forma coherente.
Don't speak Spanish No hablar Español
they will speak hablarán
to talk, to speak hablar
I will speak hablaré
speak habler

We bought a Sandwich and were looking for a taxi, but the streets were so crowded that we had to wait nearly one hour to find a cab. We even had to walk a few blocks in order to catch one.
Well I take Spanish classes in college, that's the only useful language they offer, but if they had French I would be taking French. It sounds so nice. I have been lazy lately and I'm not really good at it.
On day two my wife and I took a tour to visit the Altiplano. The tour started a little boring, when we visited a few empty villages nearby which were all pretty much the same. Empty with very little people.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of speak   [ spoke, spoken ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of decir
digo  dices  dice  decimos  decís  dicen  decía  decías  decía  decíamos  decíais  decían  dije  dijiste  dijo  dijimos  dijisteis  dijeron  diré  dirás  dirá  diremos  diréis  dirán 
Conjugation of hablar
hablo  hablas  habla  hablamos  habláis  hablan  hablaba  hablabas  hablaba  hablábamos  hablabais  hablaban  hablé  hablaste  habló  hablamos  hablasteis  hablaron  hablaré  hablarás  hablará  hablaremos  hablaréis  hablarán