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Translation of spell in Spanish

to spell      deletrear     
to spell     deletrear    ; escribir    
the spell     la magia    

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Sample sentences:
How do you spell your name?

¿Cómo se escribe su nombre?
He was the winner of the spelling bee at school last month. Él ganó el concurso de ortografía del colegio el mes pasado.
Her text was plagued with spelling mistakes. Su texto estaba plagado de errores ortográficos.
the spell el encanto

Can you please give me your phone number or I'll give you my phone number. Wish you a nice day, we'll here from each other. Bye. And by the way, my real name is Deborah but my friends just call me Debby.
Oh great, i want to learn English with you. It am so happy that you will help me. Thank you lots and lots. Where do you live? I live in Switzerland, near the city of Basel. I'm a student of economics.
We had a great day in Bolivia and amazing 3 days in the entire area of Northern chile. It was time to move on and we wanted to go South to the capital of Chile. We were so exhausted from our day trip that we immediately fell asleep.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of spell   [ spelt, spelt ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of deletrear
deletreo  deletreas  deletrea  deletreamos  deletreáis  deletrean  deletreaba  deletreabas  deletreaba  deletreábamos  deletreabais  deletreaban  deletreé  deletreaste  deletreó  deletreamos  deletreasteis  deletrearon  deletrearé  deletrearás  deletreará  deletrearemos  deletrearéis  deletrearán 
Conjugation of escribir
escribo  escribes  escribe  escribimos  escribís  escriben  escribía  escribías  escribía  escribíamos  escribíais  escribían  escribí  escribiste  escribió  escribimos  escribisteis  escribieron  escribiré  escribirás  escribirá  escribiremos  escribiréis  escribirán