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Translation of sprout in Spanish

to sprout     brotar    
the sprout     el brote    

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Sample sentences:
I love salads with soy sprouts.

Me encantan las ensaladas con brotes de soja.
Soy sprouts are tasty and low in calories. Los brotes de soja son sabrosos y bajos en calorías.

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Breakfast was unbelievable. It was just delicious. They had all kinds of tropical fruits, great baked bred and croissants and superb jam. Coffee was not too bad either and service excellent.
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Conjugation of brotar
broto  brotas  brota  brotamos  brotáis  brotan  brotaba  brotabas  brotaba  brotábamos  brotabais  brotaban  broté  brotaste  brotó  brotamos  brotasteis  brotaron  brotaré  brotarás  brotará  brotaremos  brotaréis  brotarán