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Translation of straight in Spanish

the straight     la escalera    
straight     derecho    ; recto    

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Sample sentences:
Go straight two blocks down this street and then turn right.

Siga derecho dos cuadras por esta calle y luego gire a la derecha.
She has straight hair and she has a perm in order to have some curls. Ella tiene el pelo lacio y se hace la permanente para tener algunos rizos.
straight hair el pelo liso; pelo liso
go straight on vaya todo recto
straight lacio

Next winter I'm going to Spain, where i hope to study Spanish. It's easy to visit Germany. Munich is a big city in Bayern...It's a nice city. Lot's of restaurants, nice buildings, a lake nearby and really friendly people.
We drank our heroically acquired beverage and left the farm heading back to the port. Back at the port we returned to our cab and drove to the hotel. We were simply too tired and needed to rest a little.
Although you need at least 2 weeks to visit Peru, it was worth being there for 5 days. It definitely gave us a taste: we will be back for a longer stay.
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