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Translation of stranger in Spanish

the stranger      el desconocido     
the stranger     el forastero    

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Sample sentences:
The little girl was taught not to speak to strangers.

A la niña le enseñaron que no debía hablar con desconocidos.
foreigner; stranger ajeno

Friends, Family and similar relationships you are saying mostly "Du". Young people too. In the city, on the phone, school, at work and in the bank always say "Sie" for now.
The trip was coming to an end. We were driving to the airport knowing that we had to fly 12-hour to Spain, than a break in Spain for of around 6 hours and than the rest 4 hours, a total of 22 hours.
During my summer vacation I want to go to Italy for a month. I already look forward to it. I hope that our communication is helping you and I would be pleased about continuing writing mails.
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