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Translation of string in Spanish

to string     enhebrar    ; ensartar    
the string     el cordel    ; el cordón    ; el hilo    

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Sample sentences:
This store has a wide variety of acoustic string instruments.

Esta tienda tiene una extensa variedad de instrumentos de cuerda acústicos.

When we got our room at the Rex we were shocked once again. The room had a terrible smell of cigarettes and we insisted on moving. The next room they gave us was a non-smoking room.
Hi there again, before I forget to send you my email address, it's *****, whit this email address we can speak with Skype. I hope that we can continue our friendship. Please stay in touch me soon. bye
Well, being the first time in South America, especially Peru, gives you a little shock in the first few hours. Already at the airport everybody wants something ($$$) from you
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of string   [ strung, strung ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enhebrar
enhebro  enhebras  enhebra  enhebramos  enhebráis  enhebran  enhebraba  enhebrabas  enhebraba  enhebrábamos  enhebrabais  enhebraban  enhebré  enhebraste  enhebró  enhebramos  enhebrasteis  enhebraron  enhebraré  enhebrarás  enhebrará  enhebraremos  enhebraréis  enhebrarán 
Conjugation of ensartar
ensarto  ensartas  ensarta  ensartamos  ensartáis  ensartan  ensartaba  ensartabas  ensartaba  ensartábamos  ensartabais  ensartaban  ensarté  ensartaste  ensartó  ensartamos  ensartasteis  ensartaron  ensartaré  ensartarás  ensartará  ensartaremos  ensartaréis  ensartarán