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Translation of stupid in Spanish

stupid     bobo    ; estúpido    
stupid     necio    

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Sample sentences:
He is stupid and won't understand your reasoning.

Es estúpido y no va a entender su razonamiento.
crude, stupid person borde
stupid, silly, fool bobo
stupid; bloed estupido
foolish, stupid necio
stupid, silly tonto
Stupid Necio

I guess you know Spanish very well. I'm not on line most of the time. I think to get accommodation in the city is hard. I have many friends in Madrid, they all live outside the city. I think we can help each other to practice German or Spanish.
We drank our heroically acquired beverage and left the farm heading back to the port. Back at the port we returned to our cab and drove to the hotel. We were simply too tired and needed to rest a little.
If we had more time, we would have stayed overnight in Aguas Calientes and visited Machu Picchu before 10 a.m. when the crowd (from Cusco) arrives.
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