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Translation of stutter in Spanish

to stutter     balbucear    ; tartamudear    
the stutter     el tartamudeo    

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When we got our room at the Rex we were shocked once again. The room had a terrible smell of cigarettes and we insisted on moving. The next room they gave us was a non-smoking room.
Try to speak and think in English every time. I have just returned from Europe where I spent a month on holiday. My wife Susan and I went to Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, where we saw lots of beautiful things.
The next two hours we were busy with moving our stuff to our new place and organizing our trip to Machu Picchu for the next day.
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Conjugation of balbucear
balbuceo  balbuceas  balbucea  balbuceamos  balbuceáis  balbucean  balbuceaba  balbuceabas  balbuceaba  balbuceábamos  balbuceabais  balbuceaban  balbuceé  balbuceaste  balbuceó  balbuceamos  balbuceasteis  balbucearon  balbucearé  balbucearás  balbuceará  balbucearemos  balbucearéis  balbucearán 
Conjugation of tartamudear
tartamudeo  tartamudeas  tartamudea  tartamudeamos  tartamudeáis  tartamudean  tartamudeaba  tartamudeabas  tartamudeaba  tartamudeábamos  tartamudeabais  tartamudeaban  tartamudeé  tartamudeaste  tartamudeó  tartamudeamos  tartamudeasteis  tartamudearon  tartamudearé  tartamudearás  tartamudeará  tartamudearemos  tartamudearéis  tartamudearán