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Translation of subtract in Spanish

to subtract     restar    ; substraer    

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Sample sentences:
Lily is only five years old; she doesn't know how to subtract yet.

Lily tiene solo cinco años, todavía no sabe restar.
subtract restar

We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
It was so packed and it looked like a heap of ants climbing the temple. I would estimate that there were about a thousand people simultaneously climbing the temple which was not very big.
Anyway, our stay in Puerto Varas was nothing special, as the weather was terrible. We continued to Bariloche the same day. It was a 6 hour long bus ride passing the Andes mountains. The views were amazing.
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Conjugation of restar
resto  restas  resta  restamos  restáis  restan  restaba  restabas  restaba  restábamos  restabais  restaban  resté  restaste  restó  restamos  restasteis  restaron  restaré  restarás  restará  restaremos  restaréis  restarán